Facebook Creator Studio


The NEW Facebook Game-Changer Tool

Facebook released his own version for the “social management tool, just like Twitter has his own management tool “TweetDeck”, Facebook published the “Facebook Creator Studio”.

You will be able to Post content, Upload Multiple Videos at once, Organize your posts, and respond to all pages from 1 place. Home: The place where you will find all posts from all pages and you can respond to any post.


You Can Group your Related-Pages together and see the posts or the insights of them, This type of Grouping called “Collection”. You can gather a collection of All pages that worked under one umbrella if you a multinational brand Multiple pages that serve different audiences if you are a national brand Pages from the same industry Any pages has something in common


You can filter your posts by type and many other filter options

New Insight: Returning Viewers is when someone who viewed at least 1 minute of one of your videos in the previous week and returned to view at least 1 minute of one of your videos the following week.


You will see your role in the page and all other admins in the page

There is a tab for the “Sound Collection” for sound effects and tracks you can use in your next video. And, there will be a tab for “FB Right Managers” where you can manage all your videos that has been published on other pages and profiles.

There will be an Earning tab for the video that you monetize and your “EARNING”.